She pierces wounds unscathed

With the purest blade
Made from the Everglades
Ready to burst like a shook bottle
Overflown forever cloned by mass media only to form mass destruction
Reports say angry black woman
Her mind thinks twice before letting her heart be unwoven
She falls apart like all things do
Free flying like the dandelion the little girl blew
A drift in the wind a note that don't blend
Step aside there ain't no time to feel alive
We feel dead on the inside
Because the dead will always get forgotten
Lost the tracks since there was never a train coming
It was all just thoughts clashing at an intersection
Wake up don't bake up the cookies have not yet risen
Time to poke a hole in the souls of many
For good or bad for better or worst
The life were set to live
Was more than just a curse..


This poem is about: 
Our world


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