Determined State of Mind

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 21:46 -- Nnyla B


"Girl, you might as well just stop"

Well , I dont believe I ever asked you

When were you ordained the power of God to delegate what I can and what I cant do?

See when you do it, you dont know that you're attempting to set a spark to flame that already burns strong

That monster in me that yearns to conquer and earn more

Yearns to devour those obstacles that try to stop me form reaching my dreams

The obstacles that feel like cold waters; drowning, choking, stifling the fire that wants to beam

Right through me and burn the ropes that bound me to the weight of failure 

And society may set the pounds, yet it will not establish the injunction on the extent and promise of my capabilities

That same fire will burn and diminish the possiblity of failure ascerted by all of my insecurities

The insecurities defined by flaws that once fed the fear

The inhibitions that wanted to keep me here

Here as in the same spot, never striving to go forward

Locked away by the boards of matter, which was once stronger than my mind

 The fire burned them down just in the amount of time that was needed and it proceeded on

To Melt the whispers that arise from my thoughts, whispers that want me to dim when it's my time to shine 

The fire that will light the way and direct me to keep pushing on this path because its mine

And never let me stop until I take my last breath 

Close my eyes and let this fire finally rest 

That fire, that's my determination

My strong desire to persevere and do amazing things because I am me 

The strong type of desire that can be anyone's best attribute when they finally learn to let their fire grow and burn free

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