Desire to Inspire

At one point in life everyone feels down

They feel like there may not be any hope left

They might even have some sorrows they would like to drown

Because they feel like a wreck

That doesn’t mean that you have to give up

If you choose to give up now, you’ll never truly know whether it would have worked out or not

So you can use this poem as an attempt to back you up

If you asked me, I’d say you give it one more shot

During the last semester, It looked like I was going to fail two or three of my classes

One of my classmates even told me I should drop one of them

In the end I was able to pass all of my classes, maybe he needed some future glasses (if it exsisted)

I was standing tall and strong like a thick stem

I was so happy I finished at Essex County College

Now you see why I couldn’t afford to stay for another semester

My brain was filled with more knowledge

Yes. I did it. I sure showed my tester

Life is all about making choices

It is up to you to keep moving forward

There are other people that try to inspire you, so you better listen to those voices

That’s right. I want you to keep moving straight forward

Keep moving forward until you reach your goal

I believe God will help me with mine

Just go. Don’t act like you’re stuck in a hole

Keep it up and you might just be fine

Reaching my goals are my desire

For all you reading, I hope to inspire

This poem is about: 
Our world


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