Deserted But Happy

Fri, 03/25/2016 - 03:00 -- kirch

Island of solitude welcomes me

But I am not alone

I crash but I’ve got happiness


My hair sprawls on the sandy banks

My rickshaw shelter keeps me safe

I smile knowing I’ll wake up tomorrow, safe


Another slips through my hand

A quick grasp, one last try and I’ve got supper

I smile, I can survive, I’m happy


My rickshaw breaks

Water dumps on me

The clouds begin to fade, I beat the weather, I am happy


Day 46…

Day 47…

Day 48, I heard a plane, I am not alone, I am happy


The sand warms my skin

The water laps at my toes

It’s serene, I am happy


What’s that in the distance?

I see a new shore

That’s my family, I am saved, I am happy

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