A Fata Morgana mirage loomed hazily, yet intensely off in the distance

On a scale of untold magnitude with respect to packing heat

So she felt it best to take the path of least resistance

As the Earth began vibrating underneath her feet 

Suddenly, the wind picked up

And she knew it was nearly time to turn back

But not before she saw an oceanic swell

Of sand rise up & heard the sky crack

It was not a swell that would anytime soon be quelled

As it began to foment & arc while turning the sky dark

She knew the clear & present dangers

Of a natural phenomenon such as this

But also knew it was her one shot chance

To finally follow her bliss

She was known by friends & family

To be an artful dodger on cue

And knew how right before lightning strikes

The air polarizes all around you

Her parents words of warning & well-equipping her

Were not lost on her at all

She had an airtight face mask in her bug out bag

For when a tsand-tsunami came to call

Soon the Fata Morgana mirage 50 feet away

Was swallowed up in full just solely by the fray

Of the titanic curvature of

Insatiable & billowing sand making its way

Once again, the lightning cracked the sky

And this time, its hydra headed branches

Touched down 10 feet to her right upon the sand 

While multiple instances of fulgurite 

Forged instantaneously on demand...

It was as if the sand cried out to all-envelop the lightning rods

Inasmuch as the rods sought to plunge themselves deep into the sand...

Putting down roots that disappeared as suddenly as they appeared

Leaving a diverse array of grainy formations epic, erratic, & grand

This time she would not be remiss in following her bliss

Adamantly refusing to stall...

She ran hopscotch, helter-skelter to collect them one in all 

After waiting no more than 5 minutes for them to cool

Carefully placing them in her backpack 

Only to run back home like nobody's fool

Luckily, this time, the lightning went before (to wit)

The worst of the sandstorm that followed not far behind it

Acting as a future, close-call lesson

To handle with great care the fulgurite now in her possession

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Our world


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