A Deprive Life

The world…

The world is fill with a freshness scent of oxygen that is food to our lungs

Day by day we fail to exhilarate ourselves with this intoxicated scent

We live in an era where technology has deluded us from the world

yet we continue to thrive and excel in our knowledge for technology

we must change ourselves, if not for the benefit of the world then for the benefit of the children

our children who grow up in this world, following these example set out into the world

a mom beating her child, posting it on social media for the world to see

or perhaps mother and daughter smoking a blunt lazily out in the open

what future do we hope to create

what would I change you ask??

I’d change the whole world if  could

As the years go by I continue to walk the same path I once did 6 years ago

yet there's an empty void on the streets

where are those laughing children who once enjoyed nothing more than the joy of friends and air

This generation will soon come to an end

when it does a new set of fools step into our world.



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