Depression's Touch

I found home in his arms, warmth in his smile and a love that I knew would extend for miles

A place I could turn to, when life became hard, a man that would do anything to keep safe, my heart

I'd do anything to go back and learn everything I can, to fight harder for our love and save that perfect man

Fearlessly and fast, I fell hard in love, no doubt in my mind that I had found the one

The one I'd build a life with and raise a family, our names rolled off the tongue like a simple melody


Nothing stays the same and life gets in the way, I wish I had been brave enough to stand my ground and stay

As a sadness came over him, slowly, then all at once, I watched it take him down, feeling helpless and lost

No matter how hard I tried, the tears cut like a knife as I watched depression take the love of my life

I let go thinking it was best to let our love rest, praying that one day we could be us again

I've tried to move on, but happenstance always gets its way, my love is not gone, though he's astray


Yes, others are kind and care for me too, but the response is always the same, "he's just not you"


So I speak straight to you, and right from my heart,

You're always on my mind though we are apart

I pray everyday that you have happiness and joy, that you seek and you find all that you deserve

And know that I'll be here when you find your place in this world

I write as I'm lost, my feelings under attack, because I gave my heart away a long time ago, and never got it back

So I'll wait for the day I can love you like that



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