Delivering My Diversity


I feel the wind 
All around me
Dancing through
My color changing hair
It’s free and happy 
As it glides over
My multicolored skin 
I wonder where it has been 

I look up and see 
The shining stars
They seem so far
There different sizes 
Big and small 
And yet they seem 
So happy 
Just the way they are

I wish I could fly
Like a bird
With all its freedom and grace 
I bet it was never told 
That it’s a 
I have been beat down 
And told I was no good 
That I should never try new things 
When I thought I could 
But when I finally gave up trying to please 
Everyone that was not important to me 

I realized that it doesn't matter 
Who you are
That only you can raise the bar
And free your true self from within 
After that you cannot help but grin 
And never have to say 
“What could have been?”



I never knew how beautiful I was until I saw the beauty all around me.

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