The definition of fear is

The definition of fear is subjective but usually can be followed along simmilar lines

Like a huge graph where everyone's lines cross with eachother through to infinity

But not all fear is the same

There are the fears tucked to the corners

Because even though the graph is infinite your vision isnt

And the fears that lie in the corners of your eyes 

Thats where mine lie

Thats where he waits

Because in that corner I still feel the bruises

In that corner I still see  the scars

Deep enough to hurt but hidden enough that he wouldn't know

The years of long sleeves and covered legs

The pants for his anonmitity and the sleeves for my sanity

Where the sword that I was supposed to use to slay the mighty dragon


It took me 7 years to find all the peices of that shinning weapon

Each one digging under my skin deeper than the last

As I painstakingly put each one in their place and the only thing holding it together was duck tape

And I was still defeated when it shattered even smaller with the next beast I faced

I am still collecting the slivers of my sword

In hopes that one day I can forge it once more and finally slay that dragon

That drove me onto the edge of the cliff more times than I could count

Finally rest in peace knowing that I wont have to wake up in the morning

With burned skin

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