Define a women's worth



If the Angels fell for women how long can man escape from the snare of women.

Her words hold the weight of the world.

She speaks happiness into a mans life.

She multiplies the seed of man.

Her legs and her back depict the highest form of attraction.

Her face and chest contains hypnotizing energy.

She was made to subdue our hearts, to penetrate the hardness of man and add a softness to our existence.

Women, create this atmosphere of home, she was the emergency creation from God for mans companionship. 

She contains all of this but her greatest power brung destruction and the end of man. The beginning of death came for all because of her transgression. She wielded  beauty as a sword and used it for mass destruction. Now she asks for freedom and to not be oppressed, to be equal to her inferior.She yearns to come down and join men at the table of promiscuous, to be part of this world of war and division and to speak as a man speaks with less class and purity. We exalt her but she refuses to see her power. She eagerly wants to be part of the world, when she was a gift apart from it. 



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