define: beauty


welcome to the world, darling. here's a list of expectations:
you must turn yourself into the perfect temptation.
the general population is counting on you,
they'll be watching and judging everything that you do.

you're not really hungry, put that food down.
the mirror was showing a few extra pounds.
don't you dare believe that you are worth something more;
you are your appearance and the clothes that you wore.

you're sad on the inside, but don't let it show.
you have too many weaknesses, no one can know.
have an opinion that matches what's socially acceptable,
copy what you see in the media, make yourself susceptible.

if you have something to say, keep it to yourself,
you're not as good with ideas as everyone else.
better to say nothing, because what if they don't listen?
so many thoughts left unsaid, ideas that never reach fruition.

aren't you tired of seeking safety inside skin you've been taught to detest?
aren't you tired of being told that you're not good enough at your best?
these standards and more are what women must face.
constantly pressured to be an image of elegance and grace.

have you ever felt so numb that it causes physical pain?
do you wake up in the morning, thinking there's nothing to gain?
when did it become a sin to love who you are?
who says it's all that bad to be a little bit bizarre?

step away from the toilet, remove the finger from your throat.
you're perfect, despite the fallacies that magazines promote
throw away the bottle of pills, it's okay to feel down.
don't be afraid of what they'll think, your ideas are profound.

away with the scale, you are more than a number.
wake up! society has left you in a mind-numbing slumber.
stop letting people tell you who, when, why and how to love.
it might seem impossible, but you must try to rise above.

ignore what people say. you know, they're jealous for good reason.
putting yourself first is hardly sin or treason.
the world will constantly tell you that you fail to meet expectations.
but you are more than a slave to seduction and flirtation.

stop sneaking past the mirror, and avoiding your reflection.
the person staring back at you is worth further inspection.
there is beauty in the way your eyes crinkle when you smile.
a beauty so incredible, people feel the need to beguile.

you don't need any cream to smooth out your fascinations
your laughter can feed lonely hearts,  don't leave them in starvation.
you don't need laxatives or diet pills to slim your personality.
don't allow yourself to drown in this destructive mentality.

take a moment to reexamine the miracle that is you.
the world has so many cracks, and you can be the glue.
you are more than your waistline and you are more than your past.
you are the brilliant thoughts you think and your potential is vast.

you are the people you have helped and the lives that you will save.
use your talents while you're living, don't bring them to your grave.
regardless of the lies that've been pounded into your mind.
you are different, you are good enough, you are strong, you are kind.

you may not believe it, but that doesn't make it less true.
the world is in need of the lovely that is you.
forget the whispered criticisms, they aren't worth a second thought.
forget the unfair specifications of perfection that you've been taught.

start looking in the mirror and liking what you see.
no matter how much you want to deny it, you are not the enemy.
in the dictionary and among society, beauty has the wrong definition.
cross it out, and redefine it. that is your life's mission.

it might not be easy, and it might feel like a lie.
but once you start to love yourself, you'll be unable to deny.
you aren't flawless, you aren't perfect, but that is okay.
start learning to love yourself, today is the day.



Simply amazing. I literally have tears in my eyes, waiting to spill over after reading your poem. Thank you so much for sharing that to the world.

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