A Defense From Tyranny

A Defense From Tyranny

By: Nicholas Boesch


Why own guns? One might ask. And another might say

Why let the government get in your way?

With police getting away with shootings

Each and every day.

Then you ask yourself, when will it escalate.


With the government keeping weapons of mass destruction

Secret from the public eye,

You may be asking yourself, “Why?”

Is it to keep us safe?

Of to keep them safe

From us realizing they can take our lives away.

With the push of a button, we all are at stake,

And yet they expect us to sit here and take it anyway.


Then you think, how can we stop this?

The government tries to keep us in ignorance filled bliss.

Not expecting us to realize their secret plans

To become the only rulers of this “freedom filled land”.

The Second Amendment gives us the “Right... to keep and bear arms”

Necessary for the “security of a free state”. We must raise the alarms

And get ready for a fight. The outcome will change nothing less than our entire way of life.

So be ready. Otherwise tomorrow, them telling us what to do will be rife.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country



*slow claps* this is really good


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