Defeat is the only thing I feel

Saying I'm UNBROKEN when I'm just feeding you lies

Putting on my straihgt "Just go With the Flow" face protects me from seeing the real me

That's a lie

Thinking of positives always brings a negative alongside it

I'm suffercating myself with denial and regrets

I'm drowning myself with lies that I allow myslef to believe

Picking myself up after after falling so many times is becoming harder and harder to do each time

Wanting to be free after the years I've been held captive to keep quiet

Wanting to be free from the struggles in life that caused painWanting to let go of the past which comes back and bites me in the butt every time

Wanting you when there isn't a possibility breaks me down and builds me back up even stronger

Wanting to destroy the word love is out of reach

Wanting to cry but not being able to is torture

Wanting to tortue myself but thinking of the effects is killing me slowly

Wanting the pain to go away but it won't

Nothing will change so I gave up

Sorry to disappoint

But my walls are breaking down

I'm almost at the wrong finish line

Now I feel like I'm losing daily

I am on the verge of being defeated

Sorry for not being sorry

But I'm defeated officially

And I can't get back up

but there's no need to help because I gave up

Defeated is the new term for me

If this is you, then your new term is unBROKEn

Why you ask

Because it shows that even though you're broken, you're still unbroken altogether

Your newest terms will always be


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that ws nice i like it

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