As this blood drains from my body 

I'll think of all the people who wronged me 

That told me my life isn't worth living

Depression is losing your self control

Taking your foot off that pedal

Skidding across the road ready to let go 

Of all the things that are killing you ever so slowly

Its walking alone in a world full of people

Looking for someone to see the pain that flows through your body

Its reverberating 

Bouncing from wall to wall 

And this world to me feels so small

I'm contained 

restricted forced to live this life that isn't worth it and its encrypted 

these words are wounds that will never heal entirely

Depression is forcing yourself to wake up everyday 

already disappointed that yesterday wasn't your last day

That you have to go through yet another day 

and it will be another bad day

Depression is speaking aloud to the crowd but somehow you are never heard

This voice of mine has so much to say but people seem to be so blind to the signs

They choose not to listen 

to not pay attention

to the lessons that will be learned

that today will be my turn

Go run and Tell my parents that today is the day that I will finally be heard 

That They will finally see the real me 

full of destruction and corruption that they helped arise in me 

this anger is a forcefield 

And its sending me to self destruction

Depression is watching the hours pass you by but you're still stuck in that time

Stuck in that place 


and everything and everyone is holding you back 

Depression is letting the demons win

Letting the darkness take over you 

drowning you 

dragging you down that pit and it seems endless

Until you finally let go 

Until you finally let the world swallow your soul your heart whole 

And you are no more


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