I am someone
But in the face of you I'm nothing
With your something I can't breathe
You're my peace of madness
Won't let me go cause you want total damage

Tried to drown you out with my poison
but it didn't work
So I pushed you down
to go higher to the uncommon grounds
But you're relentless

I wish we'd never been acquainted
Cause now my light's been tainted
I've been fading
and you've been watching it all

You do the impossible
something no one's ever done
Deflated my soul
until I became the little one
I screamed out in my mind
in an abyss of complete darkness
with no sense of time

And while that happened
my closet was found and opened
...and skeletons soon became live bodies
For the world to see

I made up masks to wear while you partied in me
but despite it all, you were constant company
when I was afraid and so lonely

You're stuck on me
and now I'm stuck on you
because misery loves company
Just as much as it loves you

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