Deception and Perfection


Deception and perfection are society's traits.

One we love, the other we hate.

It's sad how we can love one, but not the other

When really they both work together.


Society tells us that we need perfection

But that's just it's ultimate deception.

They'd rather us all look the same,

And we go along with it so who's really to blame?

Our mothers? Our fathers? Our best friends too?

Maybe it's ourselves, I haven't got a clue.


I don't want to be society's doll

The one they can dress up and break down with no problem at all.

When did society get so much say?

It creates girls who are starving and boys who won't stay.

Aren't we tired of it being this way?


Why are the people left with no voice? 

Shouldn't we have our own choice?

Beauty is not  one person's opinion, 

That should leave us feeling like society's minion. 

I don't care what the magazine's say,

You are beautiful in every single way.


Embrace your curves and small imperfections,

Screw anyone else's objections,

For you are you every day

And you shouldn't want it any other way.


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