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This chaos is so crazy
Never would I have thought
A friend could be so messy

The things he's planned
Are so morbid and absurd
his hate is as abundant as the sand

I wish I could help him much
But all I can do is go around
Warning people and things like such

What I'm about to do will hurt him more
But to save people
You must stab others with a sword

Yes, I forgive him
But it's necessary to prevent
Many other shames
That could come from this event

I truly wish him the best
After I tell the rest
It will be hard to do
But it will reveal what is true


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

true hurts, but its important that you expose ppl for their true colors
great poem
this is lessons to learn


Thank you (: I did it, and don't regret it. 

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