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There is no day left
to this December,
no scotch in the hollow cabinet
no ashes left from when you
sat beside the candle…
I lie in the palm of my bed
unable to think of the tomorrow
that won’t bring you back again…
I know your face so well
above mine
in the shadows…
the way your eyes look when
love is here,
when hurt has come
when you laugh…
I know your hands
and the soft contours where
our fingers come in contact,
and the way my body turns to you
when you’ve only touched
your lightest touch.
Somewhere outside my window
dusk is setting up its purple brush,
dipping it in night,
covering all the sorrow
your name brings.
I know, too, this place
with its castle bedroom
and musky sheets
will be something I’ll remember
years and lovers
yet to come.
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