Decem Milia Mortem

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 14:42 -- Chitara

I’ll get you high if you want to take the climb.

Ten thousand steps.

Explode, land mine.

Watch your feet.


Silent screams cut through the sound.

Jump off, face down.


Drop at the preachers door.

Knee caps white.

Caps off the patriarchy.


Curly hair, can't handle.


Climb up again, miss a step.

Back at the preachers door.

Ten thousand hail Mary’s.

Grab my hand, i’ll pull you up.

Got your mind stuck.

Dark places.

Ten thousand face’s.

She’s so dark all that’s seen is radiance.


Fade in, fade out.

Evil resides within.

Let me take you outside.

Outta your mind.

Dig deep and you’ll find where your evil resides.

Heart throb, flash mob.



If something's wrong, ignore it.

One punch to sleep.

Whisper while you weep.



Spread through your veins.

Wildly insane.


No brain.

Climb higher.

Whispers grow wider.


Drop dead.

Back on your knees at the preachers door.

“I need forgiveness, Damn it, give me more!”

Ten thousand lies set me on fire.

Ten thousand tears to douse the flame.


I see forgiveness in the sky.

Grow wings, become a flyer.

Pop pills to get you higher.

It gets better.

It gets worst.

Pain, torment, mental discourse.


Seizures on the rocks.

Fever got you hot.

Too many pills, someone called the cops.


Drop down from ten thousand degrees

There’s more than what you see.

Dissolve into a sweaty heap.

“God, I need you!”

Each word rings out a beat.

The face of death.


Cold sheets.



The killer cries taste the same,

So filled with shame,

it calls for another.


A foot off the ground adds to ten thousand feet.

Ten thousand weep.

Ten thousand speak not a word but a sentence.

Ten thousand words to mention.

Ten thousand second fall to hell.

Ten thousand crawl to their cell.

Ten thousand creep into the mind, dull the shine.

Ten thousand pound lead, onyx woven into your head.

Ten thousand breaths and in one second dead.

Ten thousandth death.


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