Death to Nostalgia


United States
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I hate remembering how perfect things were
How when I was small I could run free
But now this world can swallow me whole
And the monsters I thought were under my bed
Actually do exist.
And they have no claws or fangs
But their words have enough venom
To kill off the biggest of hearts
And I hate remembering that I use to be immune
To every heartbreaking poison
Because I could hold the pinky of a hand
That gave me more love
Than any venom could destroy
And I hate when old songs come on
And send chills down my back
And I want to scream out every word
But then I get choked up
Because I remember singing them with you
And I hate that.
I hate that I remember every single smile
Mainly because you were the first monster
I ever encountered
And your venom hurt the worst
And even though I tried to reach for the pinky to save me
It wasn’t there anymore
And I hate knowing that there is no one to save me again
I hate knowing every best friend I ever had has moved on
And I tried my best to wrap my arms around them
So they wouldn’t leave
And maybe I deserved it
Because I held on so tightly I strangled them
And maybe I’m happy they’re gone
So when they spit that venom
I can say I don’t care
And I hate that
Because I will remember how much I depended on them
And that I do care
I hate remembering how perfect things were


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