Dearest You

Tue, 01/02/2018 - 14:57 -- roxas.i

Dearest You,

I didn't leave because I didn't care for You 

I didn't flee because I didn't want You 

I didn't disappear because I didn't love You 

Absolutely perfect You 

Seemingly seamless You 

Nothing could tarnish You 

Anything could motivate You

I committed to what is You 

I invested myself and induldged myself into everything that is You

How captivating of You, but how about me? 

I abandoned myself for you 

Vanished was my self conscious for you 

Forsaken were my perspectives with you 

For absolutely perfect you

For seemingly seamless you

When I thought of You as you 

I was free from you 

you could not tarnish Me

you motivated Me 

I left because I care for Me 

I fleed because I want Me 

I disappeared because I love Me 


Only Me



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