Dear Younger Me...

Dear Younger Me...

I wish I knew what to tell you.

What the best piece of advice is

that I could give, so that

you didn't have to go

through all the hard things

that I did.

Or maybe I should tell you

about the lessons I've learned along the way,

so you're prepared for what's ahead

and don't have to struggle

as I did. 

Perhaps I should try and shape you

into who you become: me.


But would I do that through

convincing you to continue down the path

that I took?

Or should I try and

redirect you so you don't have to

face all the things

that I faced?

If I knew in your shoes

what I know in mine now,

I know what choices

I would have made differently.

But without having made those choices,

I wouldn't have ended up here,

as I am now. 


So Younger Me, 

I hate to say it,

but you need to go through the trials.

You need to push through the pain.

You need to face what's coming at you,

because it shapes you into me.

Greater things can come from it

than you can imagine right now,

but you have to be patient,

because it takes time. 


So I leave you with this:

Enjoy where you are now,

because you'll never be there again.

Grasp the hardships by the neck

and make sure they know

that they won't have a hold on you.

Live life to the fullest,

and it will come to fruition in the end,

so long as you

keep pushing when it's hard,

persevere when you wanna quit,

and never give up on becoming the person

you know you want to be,

because then,

that's who you'll become. 

So, Don't. Give. Up.


Trust me,

it'll be worth it.


Thank you for listening to my TedTalk,

-Slightly Older Me

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This is such a good poem! I honestly really appreciate when poems speak exactly what is in my mind. You've conveyed your emotions really well, and it's super well put together too. Great job!


Love this!

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