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dear 1960's:
wish i couldve been there.
inagurated john f kennedy
killed marilyn monroe
martin luther king speech
veitnam war.
cuban missile crisis
first walmart
john f kennedy assasinated
250,000 march for jobs.

dear 1970's:
my how you have grown
founded microsoft
killed elvis
brought vcr's into our homes.
civil war in lebanon
u.s. pulls out of vietnam
Nixon resigns, watergate scandals,
abortion. Legalized.

dear 1980's
seems you make it hard for me not to forgive.
AIDS a new plague, criminals matched with DNA, yet you made
cabbage patch for the kids.
found the titanic
Mary rose raised, pg-13 rated created,
coca-cola formula change because of cocaine.
black mondays, presidents announcing they dont like broccoli,
u.s.s.r. launches station into space.
bye bye lennon, hello oil on coastlines,
indira ghandi killed by 2 who were meant to save.

decades and eras.
new music, new faces.
new News, new laws,
new diseases that plague us.

dear 1990's:
i was born.
i grew up.
i'm still growing.
from "mom? where do babies come from"?
to "i have to work to make money for groceries".

dear millenia:
i count.
surviving in a world where there's no way out.
law abiding citizen.
tax-payer, student, but still dependent.
power was meant to guide the blind
NOT to eliminate the innocent.

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