Dear White People

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 11:13 -- spork

Dear White People...

tell me you understand

band together

in time of umbra

ban together

and stuff me in bras


let that privilege show

me that greying flower

me who your parents know

my privilege understands

it’s graying too

set made woes that show

them whom their parents know

My privilege came with aged stands

when the grey was black


that too much green on their hands

is awful

that oh so pretty boy told me I’m not

it’s awful

This water

this not even blue water

it tastes like water


Oh what problems!


want some of the sums

of those who have grayed?


Dear White People...

we are pulling you to


rather than we use you to get


pulling you out of that black


dripping off white

grab us flailing, so simple to


together I shall show you those who become


that whiten pink flesh


so simple

White People

listen to us!

so medieval

we are so simple

You people seem inane

my words of wisdom come for you

as those parents came from thee  

Tell me what’s wrong

I’d love to hear the privilege

all of the sounds like a song

I’d love to feel the privilege


Dear White People…

if you are already offended

think twice

for the first time you had beheaded

me thrice

for once open your lies

Say to me my white flies

Why I’m such a white person

when I’m not


Dear White People...

the pity is for our prerogative

I’m a white person

the city has become the sedative

you have my son


Dear White People...

Dear White People…

Dear White People…


tell me you understand

band together

in time of umbra

ban together

and stuff me in bras


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Our world


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