Dear Straight Girls

 Dear Straight Girls

Stop wearing plaid

Take off that checkered flannel

Aand if I see you with those big “nerd” glasses on your face again I swear I will break them.

Stop stealing what little bit of a culture we queer women have

Stop trying to interpret our code, using our lingo, and copying our way of dressing.

I’m tired of seeing a beanie go by, and instead of seeing one of my own I see fingernails pink and Long and clinging to the arm of a man.

I think I know now what it felt like to be black and watch Elvis rise to fame.

Yes it’s cool yes it’s fun but no, it is not yours to take.

You say we stole the rainbow but you are stealing from us to.

You already stole our childhoods, our first loves, our parent’s trust

Do you have to so blatantly try to occupy the niches we made for ourselves

the Gay bars, the organizations, the queer characters read as straight on bookstore shelves.

The culture that you hated and shunned is not your new “lazy girl” fashion trend.

You cannot beat it then wear it then get mad at me for telling you about it

I am not trying to tell you what to wear I am simply asking you to stop taking what little I have.

So straight girl,

Stop wearing plaid.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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