Dear Sanity

Lift me from the abyss I have plummeted. 
I'm falling and I've lost my rope. 
Take away my agony as I begin to choke. 
What I thought was water was really glass. 
And as I plunged in deep I forgot to take a breath
Now I'm drowning 
I'm drowning
This is my last request
Tell me how I didn't see this coming
Tell me what's coming next
Tell me how they gave me silver wen I won first place
I wasn't aware that this was a race
So all this time we were running on ice
I thought we were floating on clouds
And wen you said that you loved me
What do you think of me now
So tell me again
Is this the end of our quest 
Or should i just sit and wait for you to rest.
You said you were never leaving
I never thought I'd be the one to be left
But I guess that's how it works wen your heart starts leading
How can you love us the same 
Thought you were ahead of the game
You' ve been playing for years and all you've got to show is a shame
Its alright I'll move on
Got no more lives to respawn
See what happens wen you get a big head
It fills up with waste and now I'm gone.


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