Dear Sadness

Dear Sadness,

All you have done is cause trouble. Constantly changing like the phases of the moon and causing instability by pulling and receding from my emotions like the tide. You come and go like a an uninvited visitor without warning. You have made even the sunniest days feel as though there is a raging hurricane outside the window. It’s time for me to break out of this vicious cycle you have created. I have learned to take all of the rain you poured and use it to help me bloom into a delicate flower. One you will never be able to touch and pick at the petals. I don’t need you plucking at me because I already know that I love myself. I now see in full color when with you all I ever saw was blue. With that I will be able to become stronger in time and build up into a majestic forest that cannot be tarnished or burned with your fire. I’m an entity which you will no longer know, an alternate universe where your name will never be heard of. I have made a new friend who will lead me towards greater things that you never could, it’s called happiness. 

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