Dear Poetry

Dear Poetry,

Thank you for always being there.

I mean, I'd be worried if you ran away from me

Black scribbles flying off the page making me double check my prescriptions

Metaphores about monsters in my head crawling under my bed

Similies and allterations stringing together to form a look like large looming lions

If you left me, slide off the page, scrambled out the door,

grabbed a cab and left me here

I would be all alone


So thank you poetry

for letting me abuse you at two am

when no one is awake

and no one wants to listen

for letting me spew the weirdest shit when I can't sleep

because the nightmares are all too real

For listening to me when I couldn't get my best friend to eat

For understanding when I couldn't breath

For being something I could come back to when I couldn't go home

Thank you poetry

for being everything you mean to me



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