Dear Planets

Oh, planets

Oh dear planets,


I wonder sometimes,

how does Mercury manage

to have icy shadowed craters

with the Sun's warm embrace?


And I deliberately ponder,

how lonely must Venus feel

to be devoid of the

glorious moons in the space?


But I'm tremendously grateful,

of the magnetic fields encircling

Earth preventing Sun's radiation

from getting in on my face


Yet, I'm terribly curious,

where did that thick atmosphere

of Mars present in the past,

go without a trace?


However, I'm truly elated

over the mind blowing fact,

that Jupiter can catch comets

with outstanding grace


Too intrigued to know,

whether the small bodied chains

surrounding Saturn, are rings

or moons with tattered surface?


So I'm trying to digest

that Uranus is much more

stormy than I initially thought

with my mind on a chase


And I worrisomely hope,

that Neptune would have

the strength to fight off all it's

supersonic winds with brilliant ace.

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