Dear Old Uncle

You ripped me of my innocence,

took away my childhood or what's left of it.

Instead of just holding me, you felt on my non-developed tits.


As IF me saying stop wasn't enough

As IF you didn't see my tears turn into cold crystal stone,

because your dick felt like a small ole' bone


 Distraught images of your identity still running threw my brain,

As you commit this sin, God removes a place for you 

because you say his name in vain 

As you fuck the light, the little Cinderella stories out of a lonesome child.


The way I am yelling and screaming,

my heart gets so cold 

Black Heart Girl

Copulation with a adolescent that maybe titled as incest.


Oh but dear ole' Uncle,

dear ole' uncle, how can I not forgive you?

But try not to forget you 

I hope you remember me.


And all the pain you have cause me

because I can never let another guy come inside me,



Sometimes I wish daddy would've killed you,

but then that will mean,

25 to life, which I don't need,

because without him I would be nothing

waiting to be SOMETHING.


Or someone to come save me.

Dear ole' Uncle,

why me, but your son is so close to me

and when I try to let him get close to me


I CAN'T because he looks just like you.

and when I see you, I see you on top of me as if I am 

watching it outside of my body.


And as he tries to see past my Ray Ban lens

he can't possibly 

because the converse of me has converst with the old me 

which made me the new me


And what has made me...

Me, dear ole' Uncle..

I thank you

For raping me.


Guide that inspired this poem: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart! 



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