Dear Old School Teacher

Tue, 10/22/2013 - 12:31 -- debobpe


From your talk to your walk I can't stand your presence

Everyday I enter that doorway and become trapped in this prison..

your chalk is writing what happen to markers and hope?

we want colors of the spectrum, not grey and dull


Smartboards and laptops, your still using projecters,

clear paper with black marks, same ol' boring lectures

back in your day you lacked malware protection,

so I think you need to update to atleast Windows 7.


Your infected, but I wish I could hack you

get inside your brain and change your attitude

so the next pop quiz we have, I would have the answeres too

Im gonna pass with flying colors, make this classroom show some gratitude.


But im greatful for your works, passion and desire

You've been working for years, you got to be tired

You taght my grandma, uncle, cousin and mama

You even taught pterodactyles how to work their wings to fly em'















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