Dear Old Friend

Dear Old Friend,

It has been a long year, hasn’t it?

So much has happened, but I would still rather be taken back to December.

That’s when we were best friends, don’t you remember?

We were two kids in high school following the same path.

Then we got lost and we took separate roads,

And now it’s as if we never met.


We were naive of how, in an instant,

A seemingly extinguished fuse resparks,

The explosion occurs, and everything turns dark.

And we didn’t even cause it.


With our separation, however, we grew as adults.

We can accept ourselves, our good and our faults,

But I remain reminiscent of our innocence of the pain of losing love.

Surely, on some level, the same is with you.


Our life when we were strangers was fine.

Friends and family were readily available.

Fun was in every corner.

When we met, however, you were no stranger.

You were my family and friend and everything in between

Then you had to leave, and I was lost,

And we returned to being strangers.


How are you? Who are you?

I ask because I do not know you anymore,

And your answer could fill the void.

I sincerely hope to see you again,

I really miss you, old friend.


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