Dear, oh

Dear, oh love of mine, 

will you come again, some time?


Dear, oh friend of mine,

will we have to press rewind?


Dear, oh acquainting time, 

when will someone appear as mine?


Dear, oh thinking mind,

will you learn that love is blind?


Dear, oh sleepless nights,

will you go away for my-


Dear, oh weary brain,

who's constantly reminded of all the pain.


Dear, oh little soul, 

how much trouble will you hold?


Dear, oh mothers heart,

how far will you go before trouble starts?


Dear, oh fate of mine,

am I destined to be alive?


Dear, oh way of light,

will you come again, some time?





Now that you read this poem going down, read it going up, from each "dear," to the concluding sentence and procede upwards in the same reading manner. 


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