Dear Moonchild, You Will Never Break Me


Dear Moonchild,

             You Will Never Break Me.


I knew I was playing the game

I signed up for it the moment you texted me.

I didn't have to send a message or press the call button.

I called you, and the universe answered.


And here we go again.

A game of cat and mouse.

Except this time I thought I would win .

I told myself I was the cat.

The rule maker.

The driver.

The master of ceremonies .

But I was losing.

Losing myself in my own conquest


Like a hunter hangs all her kills

I wanted to finish what I started last summer.

The thirst and desire to have you as a my brand.

The others fell into this trap, but you refused to.

And I thought it meant something

Perhaps you were different and special.


You were not a coward and I thought your challenges were for the best.

I thought your calls meant you cared for me.

I thought the hour conversations and singing meant you wanted me.


But for what price?

I could feel the anxiety creep back in.

A ghost I set free a long time ago.

But the pain, the loneliness, the desire for a perfect partner was starting to overwhelm me.

I pushed myself into running away.

I began to long for the calls, as if they were nicotine in my system.

Who would have thought that you were worse than nicotine.


And the price I paid were the insults.

Subtle at first, baby stings that you brush aside because you don't want the abuse to be true.

And I thought I could defend myself more this time.

I was ready to defeat you

I was ready for you to realize

this is not how you treat a woman.


But they came harder

And your mansplaining, interruptions, crude jokes, and belittlement

Started to make me sick


You are a virus.



You told me I was full of that.

And I can accept ignorance on certain issues,

my own lack of knowledge on topics

I am trying to understand,

Just like everyone else.

Except it was the way you said it.

As if you just tasted the worst thing on the planet.

I could see the disgust on your face.

The contortions of your features

And I felt truly alone for the first time .


I wanted to yell at you.

Tell you I hated you

How you were the biggest disappointment of my life.

How glad I was to be leaving .

How I cursed the day you were born.

But all I could say was "can I go to sleep now?"

Did you know I saw someone at the store and I thought it was you.

I ran after a man who did not deserve my time.

And what did I expect to say ?

Please treat me better,

be good to me


I honestly do not think I can do any better than you?


There is hate,

there is pain,

there is disappointment,

there is the thirst for revenge.


But we are at a social standoff.

Two phones on the bedside table and I long

for a call just so I can send it to voicemail.

Who will shoot their gun first?


This time I don't intend on shooting,or losing.

This time I put my gun away.

This time I acknowledge the consequences,pack them, and walk the opposite direction.

Will you walk? Or shoot?


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Thank you for reading my poem! I was inspired by someone. The poem deasl with my own insecuritites and how I once allowed someone control them. Finally, I realized it was my chance to take the reigns and understand my self worth. 

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