Dear Mommy,

"Ok, she admitted Mommy you were right.
Something unrealized until there was absence of light.
Every word her mother said kept running through her head.

Left scared & alone, she didn't react
When instantaneously began unwanted contact
Between her legs is where he sat at.
Wanting to black out, she teared up and sat back
What had been foreshadowed had finally come
The once pure soul became morbidly numb
He kissed her so sweet; and said she'd be set free
But inside she screamed Mommy please forgive me
She let her guard down, and her heart he broke
As her stomach and intestines leapt into her throat
Her shorts chained her fleshy core to the floor
Her shirt around her neck choked her more and more
The perpetrator pausing asked Isn't it nice?
The crime of being naive carried far too high of a price
Dear Mommy, I'm sorry I know I let you down.
She uttered her displeasure and her face formed a frown
The bastard kept going, not a care in the world
Her belligerent nature began to unfurl
His actions were violent and he lacked compassion
Her heart fell next to her panties, there was no satisfaction
Please stop! she yelled I can take no more.
With her heart in pieces and her voice full of remorse
Don't worry darling; it's cuz you’re so tight.

Forgive me Mommy, for I know you were right.
All you had said has turned out to be true
And that's why this is so hard to tell you."

Love always,
Your Beautifully Broken Daughter


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