Dear Mom

Dear Mom, You always tell me That I am your beautiful girl.You always tell me that no matter what I do,what I say,what I wish;I will always be the daughter youAre so proud of, and the one you love. When you sit down to brush my hair,You convince me that you will supportAll of me-my decisions,my passions,my dreams.You always tell me how pretty I amWhen I put on my dress.And you tell me how polite I amWhenever we have guests.How a handsome boy will fall in love with me,And we'll spend the rest of our lives together.And you will learn to love him too. But even after this,Sometimes I fear that your love has limits.And if I surpass these boundaries,I will be punished by your hate,your apathy,your disgust. So tell me,will you still love me if I cut my hair short-Too short for you to brush it?Will you still love me if I stop wearing dresses-And instead, have a wardrobe full ofLoose shirts, jeans, and a worn out pair ofAnkle-high sneaker?Will you still love me if I give my heart to a girl,And we spend the rest of our Nights alone, together, counting the stars? Because despite all of this,I am still your beautiful girl.And you-You are my irreplaceable Mom that I cannot live without.

This poem is about: 
My family


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