Dear Mentors


You have mold me you have taught me

Now I am growing to who I want to be

I Have follow your steps

So my mind won't be swept

When I followed your flow

You watched me grow


I stop living up to others expectations

To find my reputation

I sat and I listen  because I know I needed your discipline

I leaned on your shoulder to cry

So I could get the answer for why


I thank you for your time I thank you for your grind

I thank you for the nights you worried about me

So now I can make you happy when I become who I want to be

When I walk across the stage of 2019

I want you all to watch the future that’s ahead of me!


But that’s not the end my  journey has just begin

When I pursue my dreams

I will not forget the shoulder that leaned

I will remember your smile and your frown

even when I don’t see you for awhile

So when I walk out the gate hold me tight

Tell me through the good and bad days it will be alright !


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Guide that inspired this poem: 



what do you all think?

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