Dear Lost But Not Forgotten

Dear Lost but Not Forgotten,

My ears cease to listen to your voice

There is no sound of your talking because there is no you left to speak

My eyes cease to look at your bodily figure

The one that you have come to leave

Your name ceases to leave my lips anymore

Because there is no longer anything left of you to call out to

My lungs still continue to breathe

But no longer the same air as you

My stomach will stay flat with no baby bump

Because I am too scared of my child ending up as I have

At a loss of their mother

My hands cease to find yours

That have been incinerated to ash

My hips no longer sway to a rhythm

That yours used to dance to

My legs still work

But they go numb and buckle underneath me

When you in your entirety comes to mind

My feet cease to direct me to where you are

Because where you are

I cannot be

No matter how much I have wished I was dead just so I could be there


Your daughter


This poem is about: 
My family
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