Dear Inequality

Man is great 

Man is strong 

Man is heroic 

If they're white

God is man 

God is also white 

But God has no race,  

Nor gender 

Though that seems  



Jesus will save you 

Believe in him 

And you will be 


What of  




Hell is sure to come 

Even if, 

All they wish for is pure 

Even if,  

All they wish for is peace 

Even if, 

They are also human 

Homosexuals will also burn 

Their horrible sin? 

Following their heart. 

Who could Imagine 

Such an idea? 

Such an Idea

That women could have 

The freedom of expression



That a black man could walk outside

At night

And not be a criminal

A Muslim can come to America

For something like freedom?


Who could imagine

A world

Where individuals were not 

Discriminated against based on






But times have changed

Women don't stay in the kitchen 

Don't sit and look pretty 

Aren't objects for men's pleasure 

We have come this far, 

Why do you still reject us equality? 

Why must I be quiet with my opinion 

To not be called a bitch 

While a man is loud with his opinion 

And called a man 

Why are words like slut and whore 

Reserved for women

When a man will be promiscuous  

And called a man. 

Why must every muslim be 

A terrorist 

When there are more shootings 

In our own public schools? 

Why must a black man be 


Of a policeman 


Having done nothing wrong

When will we stop making 

Jokes about asians 

And start improving our country 

Why is america so quick 

To point fingers 

And make excuses 

Than to reflect on their wrongs 

"It's just a joke" 

"I'm not racist"  

Don’t make excuses 

Make a change. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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