Dear Icarus

The first thing I saw when I met you

Were your wings, held close behind

Tucked and folded, neatly hidden

A stifled source of pride.


I loved you for your wings,

Though I knew they would be your demise

You unfurled them and enveloped me

Your feathers wool over my eyes.


You were too rare

And too bright for the Earth

So it took you and broke you

And gave you this curse


You were so beautiful, so beautiful

I chained myself willingly, knowingly

To a falling star, hoping foolishly maybe

You wouldn't come crashing back down


The laws of gravity mythology

In your brilliant, twisted mind

You thought you'd soar above the clouds

And I'd be right beside


But you were the one with wings

And I was too fearful to try

You plummeted and plummeted

I stood and let you dive.


You didn't care that there were

Reasons for the rules

Because your heart was far too big

To be constrained by words alone


I watched as you fell like a stone 

Ignoring every warning sign

Try as I might to catch you

The sea had bigger arms


Swallowed by the sun

In avoidance of the sea

You ended drowning anyway

You were never truly free


I dangled from your ankles

As you made that fated flight

You were the one who fell,

But I was the one who died.


You ignored the fact

your wings were built on flaws

And dreamed of sky

I fell in love with Icarus

Man was never meant to fly.

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Absolutely stunning!  Keep up the good work <3


Thank you so much!


"I chained myself willingly, knowingly
To a falling star..." I LOVE THAT. Brilliant.


Ahhhh, thank you!

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