Dear Humanity

Dear Humanity,


The lips she used to kiss 

Her same sex lover with, 

And the binary she dismissed

Made them all loose their mind 

in bits, and hiss, and scream,

“How dare you live your life in bliss

In love with such a misfit!

I don’t want the queer to exist 

I want them all to disappear!

I want their love illegal 

And I want them all invisible!”

Her parent’s fists full of her blood and their queerphobia

Welcome! To Humanity the divisible!


The darkness of our skin

 is seen to be a weapon

And so they feel so threatened 

That they choose to use aggression 

And they choose to use oppression 

Then we are dead in the hands of a racist official

Welcome! To Humanity in repression! 


The different abled and the neuroatypicals 

The labels and the stigmas 

You force down their throat 

And up their veins until they can’t even cope.

You won’t even give them a job,

Cause you see them as scum

You see them as monsters

As animals! As animus!

And then, you cry and frown 

When you find them in the streets you put them in

Then you find them deceased 

Down their throats they have bleach 

You’ll find them blue and numb and that was your ableist fault. 

Welcome! To Humanity in crumbs!


The earth, god damn your own home!

Its dying its changing drastically as we roam

Around making it worse and worse

Yet you deny it and you don’t remorse

When you see those affected by it drowning! 

They’re suffocating! They’re dying!

But you make money off their deaths don’t ya?

You make money off their slavery 

Off their calvary!

You’re cowardly!

You’re evil!

Humanity is in upheaval 


But why

Why is it divided, why is it in regression why is it in crumbs why is it in upheaval?

Could it be that the only equality is the equal amount that they all get for ruining those worlds?

Their avarice leaves our children cadaverous!

They buy Governors!

They are world leaders!

They are hope stealers!




Are they hope stealers?

We have fixed our flaws over the flying time

 And Humanity has been able to climb

One of the steepest mountains in existence.

We will better our coexistence,

We will help those in the distance,

Because we are all together in this consistence

Wether we like it or not. 

We are one,

We are advancing .



With love, epicMaría.

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