Dear Heartbreak

Dear Heartbreak,

You're disintegrating me.

All of my feelings of happiness

are gone. It's been months...

why keep torturing me? You're

driving me to complete agony.

I wish the pain of betrayal and 

lonliness would stop drowning me. 

Each memory

feels like a knife


through my skull. 

You're accentuating the pain 

of dying inside. Torturing my 

mind, body, and soul. 

Haunting me, you seem to enjoy 

my company. I can feel you waiting,

just waiting, for the moment 

you can pounce on me when 

I finally feel a glimmer of hope. 

Just like that, it's gone. 

Your pain never seems to fade. 

Instead, just when I believe 

you are finally gone, you flood my 

mind with old memories that bring 

anguish and remorse. 

I'm suffering. 

Tormented and Afraid, 

Your Host. 


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