Dear grandpa


United States

Dear Grandpa,I miss you so much.It’s been almost a month since you’ve passed did you know that? Did you know we cleaned out your room? Did you know I wanted to cry so muchbut I didn’t know what would be so selfish of me to say I wanted you here with me even though you were struggling.At your service, the priest asked if we can come up and share one or two things about you I don’t think anyone had the heart to say their goodbyes at that time Then a friend of your son stood up.he said that he’d see you from time to time but you were just a regular old man.I sat there crying not becuase of his speech but becuase that wasn’t true.You were warm You were silly You were at times such a child You were scared of ghosts At times it was so hard to make a real laugh come out of you but when you do I jump up with excitement.You were strong You are so strong and I love you so much I’m sorry I didn’t want to share that with others I wanted it to be my memories at least I hope your doing well i love you so much grandpa       



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My family


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