Dear GOD


The reason for my anger is that I'm frustrated

that no one seems to take the time and listen 

to many opinions but no real facts 

when you feel so invisible that everyone is taking a hit at you and you never know when its coming 

everyone is pointing at you just ready for you to break 

to have no one to talk to but 

the shadows of fear which comes at the time when your  voice was kidnapped 

When angry seems to be the only affection that seems to be there 

While everything is falling apart something is always waiting on you to mess up even more 

Please GOD help me to handle 

my fears and my anger 

and to never build up that wall when it needs to be broken down...



This poem explains when I feel so broken inside that I just have to go to GOD because sometimes I just wanna hurt the world like it hurts me .Comment if you like this poem and if you ever felt that way . Enjoy the poem thanks 


I love that you give your problems to God. Most people would just try to figure it out their own way which leads to frustration and more issues to deal with. God is bigger than our problems so He will definitely crush what is in His childrens way to the road up to heaven. For all my brothers and sisters who read this, this is true for God will help you in your times of need just pray, continue to follow His will, and keep His promises close. After that, all will fall into place and get better. Great poem by the way. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!


I know I use to always try to handle EVERYTHING by myself ..But I learned there no need to just put it in GOD'S hands. THANK YOU for your support !


I'm not God, but if everyone wants to see you mess up then the best thing to do is to prove them wrong ! Stay strong:) 


yess THANK YOU I will stand strong and show people what I know I can . Thanks you for your support also if you down just know you can do what ever you put your mind to .Thank you so much for the support!!! :) 


Love it ! Yes, keep strong! You are wonderful in your own way! Let God help answer your questions and prayers! I like that we relate ! Great Poem!!!! 


Yes we definitely relate thanks for such support i would love to inspire you and hopefully see more of poetry from you . Because your words are breath taking .

Mafi Grey

The reason I like this poem is cause everyone has that same feeling that they got all this stuff on their plates and no way to get it all done, like where do I start or how am I going to do it. Yet I always try to prove people wrong, The two things I live by is, proving people wrong and hard work. 

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