Dear Emotions


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Dear Emotions,

Why are you always here? When will you get enough?

Dear Emotions,

I hate you! You get things so complicated and get me mislead and confused. Whether I want to be more or not? Whether I care or not? Whether I should take a chance or not?

Dear Emotions,

I hate you! You make me afraid of the “I love you’s” and the “Want you’s” when are you going to give me a break? Cause I need to get away from everything that you are causing me!

Dear Emotions,

I hate you! You bring me tears. You bring me heavy pressure to my chest. You bring insecurities and stress. You bring me those thoughts of “why me”. You bring me misery. You bring me pain. You bring me regrets and headaches. You bring me to the point I discredit my worth.

Dear Emotions,

I hate you, I’m so over you. So, this is my break up letter too you, but I’m sure don’t care since you are causing me so much pain. I don’t want you anymore so....


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