Dear Dream

Dear Dream,
You look beautiful
But I am too shy to speak to you
I pass by each day staring at you
Hoping you're mine
Just don't know what to say or do
I feel like I can't carry you
So, I walk like a blind man, ignoring you

Dear Dream
Why did you visit me?
You told me I can have you
That your womb is for my seed
But you seem to play hide and seek with me.

Dear Dream,
I resolve to be your slave,
Without you, I despair
With you, I seem to daydream
That's better right?
I feel better with you.

Dear Dream,
Tell her I love her
That I have travelled this far to make her mine
Tell her to behold the dreams we have together,
Nothing is more real than them
Sneak into her dream and remind her again.
Remind her of candles and roses
Remind her of mansions and crowns
Remind her of her smile, her light when we're together.

Dear Dream,
I am in love with you,
I found the courage to tell you
I won't go to bed without you
You don't get old, do you?
I am ever young
We can have endless children together.

Dear Dream...

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