Dear Death

Dear Death,

I know a place where ashes fall like snow

And fear is a shadow,

It follows me around as a lover,

Holding me closer until I can no longer breathe

I hear a voice in my head,

It haunts me in my dreams

I can’t escape a jaded memory,

If my memory is hiding from me


Dear Death,

I feel your cold eyes on me

Your icy breath passing through me,

My heartbeat paralyzed

Your touch scales of ice on my skin,

There are shadows all around me

And I know you’re one of them,

You’re watching me

Stalking me

Hunting me

The voice in my dreams,

The voice in my head,

I might as well be dead



Dear Death,

Many fear you,

Others embrace you

But me, I am you,

Your other half

I remember,

How we pick and choose

Who lives and who dies,

Blessed to have met us

Sorry to go,

But I became mortal

And walked the land of humanity,

I learned to walk among them,

Live among them,

And I learned to love



Dear Death,

I still remember her

She taught me that Death can live,

That mortality is beautiful

With all their flaws and their endless hopes,

Their fantasies of the legacies that we are

But the real legacies are the ones that go by unnoticed,

The ones that do for the sake of doing

And thereby expect nothing in return


Dear Death,

I know now why they’re afraid

Because any moment can be their last,

Even if they’re not ready yet

But I taught her something in return,

That we can live forever if someone remembers us

And I will remember her eternally,

I’ll remember her until eternity’s end

When her life fades into Death’s shadow,

Where I can embrace her one last time

And my memory of her is all that’s left



Dear Death,

I am Life



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