Dear, dad..I am..

I am sorrowful and brave. 

I wonder what life would be like without loss.

I  hear you calling out and telling me it's okay. 

I see you in my dreams.  

I want to say goodbye. 

I am  sorrowful and brave. 


I pretend that I am okay. 

I feel lost and distraught. 

I touch your hands as they reach out to me. 

I worry that I will never be the same. 

I cry when I hear your name. 

I am sorrowful and brave. 


I understand that life goes on. 

I say I'm okay when I'm not. 

I dream of our time well spent. 

I try to keep the memories within. 

I hope to see you again. 

I am sorrowful and brave. 

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My family
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Jesica Ojeda


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