Dear "Daddy" -Thanks From Me

How could you have done this to me
Showin up only when its convent for you
But what about me
I was so posed to be your Princess
your Little Girl
your Dream
your Everything
Seems like I'm just another one
You hurt me so deep i cant explain to anyone
Hurt me and said I was just another ugly one
Little did you know I'm only 1/2 of you
Your time is done
Enough of the games, lies, an beytrails
Reality has come through
My world is clear
Your just another one
Acting as if you love no other one
The past is gone the future is here
My time is near
Im sick of your fake cryin
Where were you when i was crying
Sleepless days and nights
You went ghost for 3 days and 3 nights
I was wondering if you were alright
Little did i know you had moved on
That wasnt right
Watch what you do because as kids we are a reflection of what we see
My Time Is NOW
I thank you for you
Ive had time to think
I finally see me as me and love me for me
And i have you to think from me


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