Dear crush, You may

Dear crush, 

You may not exist now But you have before And I know you'll be back again<p> To the ones that came before I want to say thank you Than you for every tear that I was too afraid to shed in front of youFor every moment of self doubt that you handed over to meAnd for every moment that I believed that you were the only valediction I could earn That you were the only one The only one I'd never have <p> I asked for the hand I asked for that chance That one final danceIn return you gave me the rushThe butterflies from your every touchThose misshaped piecesThat I learnt were from my own broken parts<p> But  I still stand with my thank youFor you thought me what to ask to from the futureThe future of more mistakes<p> So to the ones who'll capture and steal my heart one day, this is for youOne day I'll meet youThe butterflies will comeMy heart so familiar to this roadYet it'll feel as if it was walking on a path of fresh snow Cold and untouched All my shields will shatterThe warrior I am stricken as naive once again<p> But to you I ask not muchBecause I know the ache will be something I can't avoidBecause I know the tears will well upAnd leave me to drownAll I want is your loveYour love for my strengths and imperfectionsThat's all I ask<p> And if you can't give thatI'll burry you in my heart along with the list of all my past heartachesI'll realize soon enoughThat this isn't my chance For that one dance<p>   

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